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Announcing SenaDen!

On June 1, 2018, SenaDen was launched!

SenaDen is a dental office experienced-based coaching business that increases patient flow and customer retention through team training and business coaching.

Hi! I am Sina Sena, a fellow entrepreneur and small business owner, with a passion for success and love of dentistry. In 2013 I found a home in the dental field, stepping into a role as a leader in a dental office. With zero experience in this industry, I relied on my business knowledge and understanding of serving my patients, to help me bring a struggling office to a fully booked, goal-surpassing, team-led dynamo. Becoming a Regional Manager and overseeing multiple offices, and leading teams was exciting and I found that dentistry is best served when the team is aligned and serving is the focus.

Moving into a role as a Territory Manager for a dental supply company, not only allowed me to learn more about the clinical aspects of dentistry, but also to see first hand what some offices were doing to have full schedules, patients leading the marketing and teams that were excited and active in the office. What was not working quickly became apparent, and sadly I found most dentists have amazing potential, but are missing a clear vision of their business and do not serve their staff or patients as well as they should.

In 2015, while continuing to work full time, I started my own business. What started as a hobby, has allowed me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams full time, connect with other like minded people and coach individuals into business success. My passion and love of dentistry, is paired with my business knowledge, customer service skills, leadership abilities and willingness to serve. I believe in working not as a consultant, but as a team member, finding solutions and not just systems to help your business.

Lets work together to help you learn how to be a leader, so that you work smarter not harder, and have a business that can scale up as you grow. I truly look forward to working with you and your team!

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