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Clear Expectations for Team Members Makes Everyones Job Easier

They just want to know what to do!

So, you tell them you want them to do a good job - but what does that look like? Do they even know what they are supposed to be doing all day long? When you give team members clear expectations, so that goals can be met, production achieved and more - every aspect of your practice will run smoother and more efficient.

Lets say that you are struggling to fill your hygiene schedule. You have some amazing people at the front desk. They are warm, friendly and super chatty. All great characteristics for providing stellar customer service. So why isn't hygiene filling up? Why aren't patients jumping at the opportunity to get on the schedule.

First, I would ask you if anyone is responsible for hygiene. Did you give your front desk or hygiene coordinator the clear expectation of how full you want to see that schedule? Did you give suggestions on how to fill it (reports, texts, etc)? Or, did you just tell them to work on the schedule and smile?

If you want something done a certain way, or specific targets met, then giving that as an expectation is your best bet. Team member now have a clear idea of what they need to do.

Define their roles!

Does everyone have a job description? They should. Each person should know what their title is and how important that role is to the office. In addition, every team member should know who heads up certain things. Who is your treatment coordinator? Your insurance verification specialist? People need roles, titles go along way. It can empower your team members!!

It's really simple!

Listen, having a business and team members is a lot of work. It can pretty exhausting, to tell you the truth. However, when your team knows what they are supposed to do, things will start to get easier. Take the time and develop detailed jobs and duties for each person. Then spend time showing them (or hire someone to show them) what that job looks like and how to accomplish the duties you have set forth.

Sina is a life-long Alaskan, who found a home as a leader in a dental office. Although she stepped away from an official role in the dental industry, to pursue her entrepreneur spirit, she also found that her love of dentistry and passion for coaching others was a match well made. Her philosophy is that dentistry is like all other business, and that to be successful you need to learn a few fundamental things. Her approach is to work side-by-side with dentists and their staff, to create a cohesive, fluid unit and offer an outstanding patient and team experience through exemplary customer service. Like to know more about Senaden and how we can be of service? Call 907-952-8101 today or email at sina@senaden.com.

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