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Hygiene Grows When Someone Is Dedicated

It is really simple, if your hygiene schedule is not full, and I mean at least 95% full for the month, you are losing revenue. HUGE amounts of revenue. Because, each of those prophy/exam patients is a potential treatment patient.

Which means, if you have a hygiene hole, it is really costing you thousands of dollars! THOUSANDS of dollars! Can you really afford to just give it away?!

No, probably not. So how do you combat holes in the hygiene schedule?

Well, honestly there are quite a few things you need to do. Your hygienists need to be scheduling from the back. You need an automatic system in place to remind patients of their appointments. But most important - drum roll - you need a Hygiene Coordinator.

This is THE person in your practice. It is not a job for someone who is not eager, does not like to be on the phone, etc. This persons full focus is getting the schedule full. If a hole opens up, they drop what they are doing and get it filled. 

Having a successful hygiene coordinator, can make your hygiene schedule soar. They can utilize tools like recall reports and short call lists, to get in touch with past due patients. They contact patients to potentially move them up and more. I cannot stress the importance of having a single (or more) person focus on nothing but the hygiene schedule.

When over 70% off all treatment comes from the hygiene chair, why wouldn't that schedule be the most important one?? Because if the hygienist is full, then more treatment is being scheduled, which means higher production, which means happy business owner (dentist)…..

See where we are going with this??

If you do not have a hygiene coordinator, it would be the FIRST thing I would implement in your office. Create this position and assign this task to someone. Have clearly defined expectations of what they are supposed to do, what you want to see happen and then follow up daily. Once they get the hang of it, once you start rewarding for the stellar job they are doing with filling that schedule, things will start to run smoother!

Do it today! Get that hygiene coordinator up and running!!

Sina is a life-long Alaskan, who found a home as a leader in a dental office. Although she stepped away from an official role in the dental industry, to pursue her entrepreneur spirit, she also found that her love of dentistry and passion for coaching others was a match well made. Her philosophy is that dentistry is like all other business, and that to be successful you need to learn a few fundamental things. Her approach is to work side-by-side with dentists and their staff, to create a cohesive, fluid unit and offer an outstanding patient and team experience through exemplary customer service. Like to know more about Senaden and how we can be of service? Call 907-952-8101 today or email at sina@senaden.com.

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