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Is Dentistry Really That Different?

So dentistry is a "complex", "confusing" and "multi-layered" business, that is like NO other business out there. Seriously? It is all other businesses and then dentistry?

Huh, didn't know they were that special. Don't all business owners have overhead, bills to pay, the worry of getting new business, marketing costs, employee turnover and put in way to many hours a week to see success in their business? Yeah, they do So why is it that dental consultants routinely will make it sound like dentists will not be successful without them? Why do they have all the answers, when in all actuality the business of dentistry is like any other business. Yes, there are certain aspects of the inner workings of a dental office, that are different than lets say, an ice cream parlor. But, the fundamental idea of business is the same.

It seems like consultants want to come at them with systems, that won't work. Promises they can't make and cookie cutter them to death. When honestly, a dentist needs to get really good at business.

They need to stop thinking like a dentist and more like a business owner.
And, if needed hire a business coach, who specializes in dentistry, who can help get you on track, educate you and then step away (you don't need them forever)!

I get it, dentists have a lot of downward pressure. School debt, practice debt if they purchased or opened a new one. There is a lot of RISK there! So dentists start working out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of losing money - any number of things. They start to panic, and begin searching for that magic wand, that golden nugget. It is at that point the typical dental consultant or consulting agency POUNCES! This scared little dentist is ripe for the picking, and when that consultant starts throwing phrases around like: "multi million dollar revenue", "triple your salary in 3 days" - man, dentists just latch onto it.

There goes more lost money.

More lost time.

Now you have a bunch of systems that don't work - because systems are for suckers.

And - you still don't have the basics down.

Let me be honest with you. Being a business owner is hard. There is no perfect way of doing anything. You will make mistakes. A consultant who flashes the big numbers at you, is just hoping you bite. You can have a successful practice, with a team that believes in you, work hours you want to work, market to the right people to so that it is effective, and run like a well oiled machine by just embracing business.

You need to align your vision, ask yourself why you are in business. Serve your team. Serve your patients. Serve yourself. When you do this, the different aspects of business that will help you be successful, will be easier to manage.

Sina is a life-long Alaskan, who found a home as a leader in a dental office. Although she stepped away from an official role in the dental industry, to pursue her entrepreneur spirit, she also found that her love of dentistry and passion for coaching others was a match well made. Her philosophy is that dentistry is like all other business, and that to be successful you need to learn a few fundamental things. Her approach is to work side-by-side with dentists and their staff, to create a cohesive, fluid unit and offer an outstanding patient and team experience through exemplary customer service. Like to know more about Senaden and how we can be of service? Call 907-952-8101 today or email at sina@senaden.com.

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