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Why Did You Want To Be A Dentist?

Simple question huh? Why did you want to be a dentist? I mean, out of all the professions you could choose from, why this one?

This is a question that any business owner needs to ask themselves. It really doesn't matter if you are a baker, a ski instructor, or a dentist. If you are a business owner, understanding the "WHY" of your business is paramount to being able to structure a mission, a vision and develop a marketing plan that works for you.

I had my first business for almost 2 years before this question was asked of me. Why? Why was I in the business I was in? Of course, I said to sell stuff. Make money. Isn't that why people get into business? Yet, that wasn't the answer. So the question was asked to me again. Why? Why was I in business? Why did I decided to take a leap on myself?

After much discussion, I realized it wasn't about the product I sold. There was a deeper meaning. There was a personal reason that I felt prompted to start a  business. If a dentist said they decided to become a dentist to make  lot of money, I would laugh first (we all know the school debt here), and I would say, there are a lot of other professions that can pay you a lot.

So that is not the answer.

Why dentistry? What drew you to this profession? And then, I would ask why they wanted to own a practice? Why not just work for someone?

Are they trying to prove something? Do they come from a family of dentistry?

When I asked a dentist this, I am sure he looked at me a little odd. You see, not many consulting agencies are going to ask a dentist why they got into business. But, I want to know. Because, this is what makes YOUR business different. 

Dentists - sorry, you don't do anything different than any other dentist out there. Right? You do crowns. Fillings. Exams. Some might do implants, others might not. But, in all truth dentistry is really the same from office to office to office. 

So what can set you apart?? The WHY of your business. The WHY you love dentistry. This is what you want people to know. You are so focused on skills, when patients want to know you as a person. They want an experience. They want a connection.

So, ask yourself why. Why are you a dentist? When you can answer that, then you can write your mission. That is a whole other topic right there!

Sina is a life-long Alaskan, who found a home as a leader in a dental office. Although she stepped away from an official role in the dental industry, to pursue her entrepreneur spirit, she also found that her love of dentistry and passion for coaching others was a match well made. Her philosophy is that dentistry is like all other business, and that to be successful you need to learn a few fundamental things. Her approach is to work side-by-side with dentists and their staff, to create a cohesive, fluid unit and offer an outstanding patient and team experience through exemplary customer service. Like to know more about Senaden and how we can be of service? Call 907-952-8101 today or email at sina@senaden.com.

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